Dr. Rashidi Presents Authentic Voices: A Conversation With Samir Abass, April 16th @ 8pm est

(*see Samir Abass’ bio at page bottom)

Friday Evening 04/16th @ 8PM US EST
Tickets:  $20

Zoom Interview, 2 Hours with Q&A

Free for Tier 4 & 5 Patreon Subscribers

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In addition to our regular end of the month Global African Presence webinar, we are developing what is tantamount to an authentic voice conversation with Runoko Rashidi.

In February we featured a conversation with the distinguished Haitian activist and scholar Professor Bayyinah Bello. In April 2021 we continue this tradition with the dynamic Nubian scholar and tour operator Samir Abass.  This is a two-hour event, and is going to be really powerful. Our focus will be THE GREAT KINGDOMS OF ANCIENT NUBIA.

And as with Professor Bello, it will be a conversation with Dr. Runoko with ample opportunity for dialogue and questions and answers with the audience. You don’t want to miss this!

For tickets, click the flyer, below, to be directed to the event page:












Samir Abass Bio/Profile



Raised in Alexandria, from a mixed family background of Upper and Lower Egypt, Samir Abbass graduated in Agricultural Sciences, driven by a passion for nature and aiming to contribute to tackling the numerous current environmental challenges.

Despite an upbringing with limited exposure, his constant curiosity led him to keep learning to have his own perspective of the world and life. This led to additional University studies in Tourism, Egyptology and further, World History.

Samir’s passion and interest in ancient Nile Valley Civilizations (Kemet, Nubia, Kush, Ethiopia..), and African Heritage and its interconnections grew fast and he became a well known Egyptologist, recognized for the quality and the in-depth tours offered. This allowed him to start his own travel business, Real Egypt and Real Sudan, focusing on revealing Ancient African Civilizations history, their rich heritage, through an in-depth historical view of Egypt (Kemet), Nubia and Sudan coupled with a real experience of the current culture. Real Egypt and Real Sudan are now pioneers in the sustainable travel market.

In addition he is an active speaker on national Egyptian television, where he has participated in around 60 programs on Nile TV International since 2015, and in several African webinars and radio programs. He also tries to regularly attend the ARCE (American Research Center of Egypt) and AmSarc (American Sudanese Archaeological Research Center) Annual Meetings and many other events and webinars.

In the future, his aim is to contribute to filling some of the gaps in the knowledge of African history and to help others have the same experience too. He encourages many to visit Africa and Africans to learn about its great heritage as a step towards its empowerment and unity.

You can find Samir´s detailed profile in https://www.linkedin.com/in/samirabbass/

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