Greetings Family, my 2020 BLACK MAN OF THE NILE: KINGS OF KMT AND KUSH calendar is finally out! I have it in my hands. Here is the cover, the back, and the page for March 2020. It is the badddest photo of King Khufu–builder of the Great Pyramid, along with a 275 word biography of him. Every page is like this, photos and bios of the Nile Valley’s greatest kings.
The calendar is dedicated to Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, who gave us the name BLACK MAN OF THE NILE. It also has the birthdate’s of more than a hundred of Africa’s greatest leaders, scholars, scientists, artists and athletes. So it a great source of information and inspiration.
Bottom line, you need a copy!
The cost is $19.95, which includes domestic shipping in the US.
To order your copy or copies please pay via Paypal to Runoko@hotmail.com or through my Go Fund Me page.



    • I am trying to purchase the calendar and the links aren’t working. Now I’m afraid to purchase the tour from the site. Please let me know when it is working

      • Greetings Tonya. The links are working, please try again. Also, tour packages are not purchased via this site; if you are interested in a tour, you will need to contact the tour agent for that tour. The tour agent’s contact information is always provided at the bottom of the post page. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need additional assistance.

      • Hello Tonya. If you are having trouble putting the calendar into the shopping cart, you can still purchase the calendars via PayPal or Dr. Rashidi’s GoFundMe as alternative payment sources. Just return to the calendar post page, and scroll down to the bottom of the post for links to his PayPal or GoFundMe. Let me know if this works for you.

      • Dr. Rashidi, I find the work you do amazing and look forward to supporting you. Peace and Blessings!

    • Greetings Michael. Follow the instructions at the end of the post and pay for the product. When you pay, be sure to specify what you’re purchasing and include your mailing address, and it will be sent to you. Thanks!

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