NEW FACEBOOK CLASS: The African Presence in the Classical Civilizations of the Ancient World

Runoko Rashidi’s new Facebook class:
Twelve Fridays with Runoko Rashidi beginning July 14, 2017

The classes are taught in a special Facebook group beginning at 9:00 PM US EST. The sessions take the form of focused online lectures and question and answer periods with Runoko Rashidi.

Anyone can participate.

The cost of the course is only $50.00 per household, all of it used to subsidize Dr. Rashidi’s ongoing museum researches.

In addition to the instruction and commentaries by Runoko, scores of dazzling original photographs will be posted, bibliographic references will be provided and numerous sessions of the class will actually be taught during the course of Runoko’s international research trips.

The supporting texts for the classes are Dr. Rashidi’s own works–Black Star over Europe, the African Presence in the East: The Black Presence in Asia, and Uncovering the African Past: The Ivan Van Sertima Papers.

All of the class notes, questions and answers, photos and links will remain posted for the entire twelve weeks of the class.  So if you cannot be available for the live Friday evenings sessions you are free to peruse at your convenience and leisure.

No special equipment is required.  All you need is a Facebook account.  Please pay your tuition via Paypal to or through Runoko’s Go Fund Me Campaign at  Receipt of payments for the class will be acknowledged immediately.  Simply include your Facebook name and/or email address.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of researches pertaining to the Global African Presence or simply want to support Dr. Rashidi’s work this is the perfect way to do it.

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The first week of the class looks at the scholars who pioneered our studies of the African presence in the classical civilizations of the ancient world.  We look at such women and men as George Wells Parker, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, William Leo Hansberry, George G.M. James, Chancellor Williams, Cheikh Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima and Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan.


We begin our journey into Kmt and Kush by first defining what we mean as classical civilizations.  Then we look at the history itself.  We look at the great kings and queens, the nobility, the priests, the principal aspects of god in this ancient land.   We examine the origins and great moments in the ancient Valley of the Nile and what we can learn from the most shining example of classical civilization that we have record of.


Here we explore the classical civilizations of ancient Southwest Asia, an area thought by some to be a mere extension of Africa itself.  We look at the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Iraq and Iran.  We look at the Blackheads of Sumer, the Immortals of Susa and the Elamites of Iran.


Here we examine the first great civilization of South Asia.  We look at the Black people who founded the Indus Valley Civilization and who were later invaded by the nomadic Aryan hordes of Central Asia.  We look at the later Black civilizations of India and explore the origins and evolution of India’s caste system.


Join as we examine the African presence in the Shang, Tang and Yuan Dynasties of China, the Samurai and Shoguns of Japan, the classical civilizations of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.


Look at the African presence in world of ancient Greece and Rome.  We start on the island of Crete and the Aegean Sea, African mythological figures among the ancient Greeks, the presence of the African in early Italy, the Etruscans and Rome itself–Black popes, Black theologians, Black writers, Black senators, even Black emperors.


Who were the Moors, why are they important to us, what is their legacy will all be explored in this dynamic session.


A little known chapter in history will be examined here as we show beyond sane rebuttal the African presence in the Americas beforeColumbus and before slavery! We travel from Mexico to Peru and leave no stone unturned!


We wrap up the course with a free flowing question and answer period and discussion.



  1. I would love to take this course, I crave the information. Please contact me

    • Greetings Christopher. If your request to contact you is for information on taking the course, please refer back to the page. All information you need to join the class is provided there. I hope this was helpful. If there is additional information you require, please reply back with specific details so I can better assist you.

      • Where is the Friday class? I am had difficulty finding it last week but I eventually did. Has the class for today been canceled?

        • @ Abdallah Muhammad – I will message the link to you via your gmail account, so you can bookmark it on your computer. Once you get into the class page, simply scroll down to find the notes, with the most recent notes typically at the top of the page.

  2. Will the course material be available offline and after the course is completed? Does the coursework cover Christianity and or Judaism in Ancient times?

    • Greetings Liz Jaxxen. The course Facebook group, as well as all materials, will remain available after the course it finished.

  3. Thanks for offering such a rich course. I am looking forward to sharing your course with my family. We are a homeschooling family and this will definitely enrich our lessons. You are awesome for doing this. That price is excellent is well. You cannot beat that. I met you in person a long time ago when you first got back from Australia and you came to Chicago to do a presentation on the African Presence in the South Pacific with Baba Yoel at Underground Books. I used to work for him. It had a major impact on my worldview. I have been in deep study every since. Now I a passing on your rich knowledge to my children. So we have two generations impacted by your work. I also appreciate the works you did with the late great Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. Trying to get my hands on the books is like finding a needle in haystack these days. But I stay looking.

  4. PeaceAnVizion, InI have LONG been a Pupil of Dr. Rashido and am wholistikally warmed to see that H.E. has finally opened a path for more of H.i.s. klinikal revelations of Our voluminous Legacy to reach Our People. NUFF THANKS.

    • Greetings Thomas. You should get an email from either Dr. Runoko or an administrator, containing a link to the group page, which should let you in. I hope this answers your question.

  5. Hello.
    I’ve made my $50 donation and have received an email confirmation for the transaction. However, it seems that the link for the page has gone astray?

    • Greetings Adrian M. Please try the link again, and reply back to this response if it still does mot work. Thank you much

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