New Book: The Black Image In Antiquity – New Shipment In!

Family, I finally got an ample supply of my new book. It was just published in January 2020. It is an art/photo book of my collection from museums around the world. It is 200 of my best photos, all full color and all on high quality paper. If you like my photos you are going to love this. Naturally there are a lot of photos from the Nile Valley but also from other parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. And all before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Trust me, if you like pictures you are going to like this book And your children are going to like it too!

The cost for your autographed copy is $59.95 and this includes mailing charges in the US.

Pay via Paypal to or through my Go Fund Me page at



  1. Is the book Black Images in Antiquity a hardcover or softcover book?

  2. When do you think you will complete
    cataloguing your pictures? When you complete this project I would like to purchase a copy of it. Today I am ordering your The Black Image in Antiquity.

  3. Have you received my payment yet?
    Sangodogbon Akinsoga

    • Hi Sangodogbon Akinsoga. I checked with Baba Runoko and he confirmed receipt of your payment. Your order will be going out by the weekend. Thanks Much!

  4. Dr. Rashidi, I have heard you lecture many times while you have visited the DMV area, and have been fascinated by your photographs of Africans all over the globe! I look forward to receiving my copy of “The Black Image in Antiquity”. Please continue the work you do in educating the masses of African people about our heritage and our place in human history.

  5. I would like to know when I order, what is the expected time for delivery given the current state of The Postal Service or will it be sent by another means.

    • Greetings Carla. It usually they ship within 2 weeks. Please note: Dr. Rashidi ships his own orders, so it depends on when he sees the orders. But typically they ship within about 2 weeks. Thanks much!

  6. Hey Dr Rashidi.
    I am Lucky-luke from South Africa.Been trying to get a response from you,sir, on quite a few occasions.
    I need to know all of the titles you have writ,what you would suggest I get(other books)& perhaps an easier way of acquiring them books dealing with true AFRIKA history.
    It’s pretty hard getting these from where I am.
    I got -we got questions only a few scholars may give credible responses to.
    PLEASE give advice.
    Thank you in advance.

  7. I want to order a few books how does this work do I donate on go fund and say for books or what

    • Hi LaSea, thank you for your inquiry. You should be able to purchase these books from the store, and your order will be filled from there. Here is the link to the store: Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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