NEW FACEBOOK COURSE: The Royal Dynasties of KMT and KUSH-The History of the Ancient Nile Valley Through Art



This is a unique online course taught personally by Dr. Runoko Rashidi through text, photos, maps, relevant links and you tube videos.

All of the major periods in ancient Nile Valley history, all of the major historical figures, a record of the great tombs and temples and monuments from the First Dynasty of Kmt to the end of the Ptolemaic Period, will be illustrated with original photographs by Runoko Rashidi from the museums, ancient temples and monuments.

If you cannot participate in the live sessions all text, notes, links, photos, comments, questions and answers and course instructions are left posted for your leisurely review for the entire duration of the course.

The cost is only $50.00 per household for the entire course.

Each session starts promptly and average two hours in length.

The course is taught through a special Facebook group designed specifically for the course.

The basis of the course are original photos and museum research by Runoko Rashidi and the text Uncovering the African Past: The Ivan Van Sertima Papers by Runoko Rashidi.


Week 1:  Dynasties 1 and 2:–The Formative Phase of Ancient Nile Valley History

Week 2:  Dynasties 3 through 6–The Age of the Pyramids

Weeks 3 and 4:  Dynasties 7 through 17–The First Intermediate Period, the Middle Kingdom and the Hyksos Occupation

Weeks 5 and 6: The 18th Dynasty–Golden Age of the World

Week 7: The 19th Dynasty–The Age of Ramses the Great

Week 8: Dynasties 20 through 24–From the Ramessides to the Kushites

Week 9: Kushite Domination of the Ancient Nile Valley

Week 10: From the Late Dynasties to the Reign of Cleopatra VII

In each session ample time is provided by questions and answers.

All proceeds from the course go towards Dr. Rashidi’s ongoing museum researches.

Please pay via Paypal to or pay through my Go Fund Me Campaign at

Hotep Family and Followers of Dr. Runoko Rashidi! It’s with gratitude and humility that I announce we’ve reached a major milestone with the successful completion of our 1st GoFundMe campaign! To every person who gave, thank you for making this happen.  As we pivot towards a new campaign, please…



  1. I am a ardent follower and supporter of anything to deal with black history and movement. I’m happy that this course is offered to enhance my knowledge of my history.

  2. I love to hear all about us as much as I can withhold…my wish or prayers is that we all had that curiosity…. PEACE AND LOVE

  3. Wonderful use of the technology to teach truth! I hope there are more of U out there who have picked up the mantel of the GREATS WHO HAVE PASSED ON! I learned late in life of this important on going work concerning the verification of African people’s contribution to the civilization of humanity!

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