New FB Class Coming March 2019: History Lessons-Friday Evenings with Runoko Rashidi

Reconstructing Global African History!

Sixteen Individual Sessions

Friday Nights for Sixteen Weeks

9:00 pm to 10:30 pm US EST

Beginning Friday, March 8, 2019

Utilizing his Best and Most Brilliant Photos Supplemented by
Texts, Maps, Related Links and YouTube Videos

The Total Cost: $50.00 Per Household

Old Themes, New Vistas, Fresh Challenges in African-Centered Historical Research

The history lessons, in order, are:

  • Why black history?
  • Black people: first people–first people of the first world
  • A history of the Black Madonnas of Europe: who they are and what they are
  • The image of the Moors in Europe after the fall of Spain
  • King Tut’s royal family: the 18th Dynasty of Kmt
  • Queens of the Nile: the women of the ancient Nile Valley
  • Black kingdoms in Southeast Asia
  • The black presence in early China and Japan
  • The Olmec: an African dynasty in ancient America
  • Ancient Kush: a history
  • A history of civilization in the horn of Africa
  • Who were the Sumerians?
  • Australia and Melanesia
  • Carthage and black kingdoms in ancient North Africa
  • Resistance to oppression

Tuitions are payable via paypal to or through his go fund me page at sure to add a note that this is for the new course starting in March.



In FaceBook, often it’s hard to locate people due to profile name being different from their actual name, or because of common names. So, to help us locate you and join you to the course, please do the following steps once you’ve paid:

  1. Click this link, it will direct you to the course page:
  2. Request to join the group. If your FaceBook profile name is different from your real name, please specify the name you paid under.
  3. Indicate how you paid and what date. For example: “GoFundMe on 1/30/2019” or “PayPal on January 31st”. This will help us locate and confirm your payment.
  4. Once confirmed, an admin will join you to the group.



    • Greetings Ilyasah Shabazx! I have sent you a response via GoFundMe. Please check your inbox. Thanks so much!

  1. Just heard about this on the KPFA Africa Today podcast. I left Facebook years ago but will join again for this class. So glad this is being offered online. I will spread the word. Thank you:)

  2. because of timezone differences (Europe based), will they be archived for later listening?

    • Greetings Franklyn. Yes. All weekly courses remain available for group members to review later at their leisure.

  3. I signed up but havne’t been accepted to the fb group. I sent an email to the hotmail account, paid through gofundme. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Greetings Charlotte, and thank you for supporting Dr. Rashidi’s work! This morning I checked the GoFundMe site and have confirmed your payment. I just notified Dr. Rashidi of your payment. Please follow the instructions in this post, under “Important Note About Being Added to the Class” and send a Request to Join the group. Thank you, and looking forward to meeting you in the class!

  4. I started reading your works on my Journey to Self Knowledge, I must take this class from you. Im in Alaska now and will sign up thursday for Friday!!!

  5. Good afternoon, I’m tardy for the party. Is there a way to sign up now, but have access to the classes previously held? Today is 4/4, how many classes have met? Thank you.

    • Greetings Selena. Yes you can still start now. There have been four class sessions to date, and Friday 4/5th makes session 5. All discussions and materials posted during each class remains there, so you can go back to the first class and read everything in chronological order. Hope this helps.

  6. Hello, I found out about this class too late – last week. I hope you offer another full 16 sessions sometime later this year.


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