The African Image in History, Art and Anthropology is the newest Facebook course by Runoko Rashidi. He intends to make it his best. These are the themes that he is most interested in, has the most materials for and is most qualified to teach.

The course will consist of twelve sessions spread out over of a period of at least three months.

All sessions are approximately two hours in length and begin promptly on Friday evenings at 9:00 PM US EST!

You need no special equipment to participate. The course is taught in a special Facebook group, exclusively for class participants.

The cost is $50.00 per household. All proceeds are used to support Runoko’s ongoing museum researches.

The course begins July 27, 2018.

The course will use at the foundation Runoko Rashidi’s best and most important original photographs.

Classroom participation is encouraged.

Pay via Paypal to, or through Runoko’s Go Fund Me Campaign at:


  • Session 1: What is an African? Who are African people? Are all African people Black? Are all Black people African? These will be the questions that are addressed. It should be a very powerful session and will provide the framework and foundation and worldview for the entire course.
  • Session 2: The African Image in Nile Valley Art 1.
  • Session 3: The African Image in Nile Valley Art 2.
  • Session 4: The African Image in Nile Valley Art 3.
  • Session 5: A History of Ancient Africa through Art.
  • Session 6: The Image of the African in the art of Southwest Asia.
  • Session 7: The Image of the Black in South, East and Southeast Asian Art.
  • Session 8: Who are the Black people in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific?
  • Session 9: The African Presence in the Art of Ancient Europe.
  • Session 10: The African Presence in European Art, from the Moors through the European Renaissance.
  • Session 11: The African Image in Early European Art.
  • Session 12: The African Image in Ancient American Art.

This will be an exciting and unique course and should show Runoko Rashidi at his best.

Don’t miss it!!!

For information feel free to call Dr. Rashidi at 323 803 8663 or email him at



    • Greetings Danon Brown. If you want to attend the class:

      1) Just go to Dr. Rashidi’s GoFundMe page ( and pay $50.00 to the fund, and make sure to mention the $50.00 is for payment for this course.

      2) Next, go to Facebook and search for the THE AFRICAN IMAGE IN HISTORY, ART & ANTHROPOLOGY group (, then request to join the group.

      3) Finally, I should get a notification of your request, and after I confirm your payment, I’ll let you into the group.

      Hopefully this answered your question. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  1. Hi, I’ve paid via GoFundMe. How do I get an invite for the Friday classes.

    • Greetings Sister Ama Nwaifejokwu. I just added you into the class. Enjoy!

  2. Hotep Sister Teresa, I paid $50.00 on the go fund me page for the African Image in History, Art and Anthropology face book course. Thank you! Morgan Moss, JR

    • Greetings Brother Morgan Moss. I just added you to the course. Get ready for a treat!

  3. Hi, I plan to sign up. My question is can myself and my partner both participate even though we aren’t currently living in the same household?

    • Greetings Carrie. In regards to payment, our definition of ‘household’ is the physical structure, however I may be able to make an exception. Please go ahead and pay for the course for yourself so I can get you into the group. Once in, then you and I can converse further about the partner. Thanks so much.

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