Dr. Rashidi Interviews Dr. Bayyinah Bello, Feb 12th @ 8PM US EST

Join Dr. Rashidi as he sits down with a one-on-one Zoom interview with Haitian historian, teacher, writer and humanitarian worker, Dr. Bayyinah Bello*

(*see Dr. Bello’s bio at page bottom)

Friday Evening 02/12th @ 8PM US EST
Tickets:  $20

Zoom Interview, 90 min with Q&A

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Bayyinah Bello Profile:

Bello’s first earned an Administrative degree in New York State University.  Then went on to gain a BS in Education and an MS in Linguistics.  Her professional teaching career began in 1969 in the U.S.A, while teaching Arabic at Muhammad University of Islam. There she discovered the joy of writing and published several language manuals and children story books.

Bello has lived in Liberia, Nigeria and Togo.  Visited all west African countries and several others on the continent.  As a lover of Art and Artefacts, established and ran an art gallery, in Lomé. Back in the United States she worked as a publicist at the Museum of Natural History. After gaining a master’s degree in Primary Education and more teaching experience, returned to Haiti in 1979. There she taught Hausa language and culture at the State University of Haiti. She also founded the ‘Citadelle International School’ bilingual school for Primary & Secondary aged children, aiming to aid young Haitians returning home.

As one of Haiti’s pre-eminent anthropologists from the State University of Haiti, Professor Bayyinah Bello is among the few professional educators to have dedicated her life’s work to the struggle for human rights and dignity for the Haitian people. A humanitarian and advocate in her own right, Professor Bello continues to contribute time and resources to assist in the development of program based on a procedure conceived by her. It states that the greatest knowledge is the knowledge of Self. Once one has developed the knowledge of Self one has no basis to envy another, to desire that which is not naturally yours, to promote or practice corruption…  one is empowered to generate reciprocity which is the foundation from which springs abundance and prosperity.  Bayyinah is fluent in Haitian Creole, French, English, Arabic and Hausa.  She is currently working as Professor at the State University of Haiti.

Publications: 1970, Beautiful Black Words for Beautiful Black Children, AMA Publishers; countless articles on History, Women, Vodoun, Education & Culture in magazines and journals in Afrika, the Caraibes & the United States; 1995, Almanak Ayisyen/Ayitian Calendar 1995; 1995 Héritage Maternel, poems on audio cassette; 2000, Mwen Rele Kanis Ogis, auto biography of a 123-year-old man; 2015, Bio of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, SHEROES of the Haitian Revolution.

Professor Bello is committed to achieving the primary goal of FONDASYON FELICITEE which is to develop an Ayitien education system beneficial to all those affected by the Maafa. 

FONDASYON FELICITEE www.fondasyonfelicitee.com; hetherou6@gmail.com;  Tel. : (509) 31 41 82 52



  1. Dr Rashidi you are lectures are liberating and insightful. I learned of you through Afrikaner Restoration Project @ Shades of Afrika. I hope to join your travel tour soon.
    Long life to you!

  2. Correction to previous email. Pleas edit
    Dr Rashidi your lectures are liberating and insightful. I first learned of you through Afrikan Restoration Project lecture series at Shades of Afrika Store. I hope join your travel tour soon. Long life to you!

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