1. Who according to the History of the continent of Africa before the 7th century religious wars and the digging of the Suez Canal in 1884, are the Set Apart from all of the other peoples before 70AD Hebrews with burnt skin like the Ethiopians and where are their descendants now?

    • Greetings T. Washington, and thank you for your question. Dr. Rashidi does not directly address these types of questions on this site, so this is not the proper forum to get your question answered. However he has a number of Facebook groups, including AFRICAN WOMAN MAJESTIC, TRAVEL WITH RUNOKO, and WITH REGARDS TO THE BROTHERS, where he posts constantly, and you can ask a question there. He also has regular Facebook courses that he teaches, where he engages in direct conversation with members. I encourage you to connect with one of these resources, where you can ask questions and get the response you’re looking for. All the best!

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