The OLMEC Scroll – Available for Sale

In memory of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (1935-2009)

This is a magnificent new work by Runoko Rashidi compiled with the assistance of Enoch Hankerson​.  For the first time all twenty of the Olmec heads of Mexico are shown in both chronological and regional order.  Also shown here are six more of the most important Olmec artifacts beyond the massive heads.  In the background is the Olmec Pyramid at La Venta.  This is the first pyramid in the Americas.

All of the images shown here are original photos by Runoko Rashidi.

In this time of so much acknowledgement of the fateful year of 1619, it is important to emphasize that the history of African people in early America is not confined to enslavement.

This is a wonderful teaching tool and an excellent source of information.  And it looks good!

The Olmec Scroll measures 9 inches in height and 22 inches in length.  It is made of vinyl and so you are not going to mess it up.  It is bordered in gold (the gold of Nubia) and green (representing the green jade loved by the Olmec).

The cost is only $19.95, including shipping costs in the US.

To order, pay via Paypal to



    • Greetings Mr. Gaverne Bennett. These are being shipped only within the continental U.S. One suggestion: you can coordinate with a contact who lives here in the U.S to purchase the item from Dr. Rashidi, then you can arrange with your contact to ship the item to you. That is just an idea. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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