ASSATA-GARVEY AND ME: A Global African Journey for Children


Runoko Rashidi’s first children’s book.  The  book tells of the global movement of African people, and the accomplishments of African heroes and sheroes around the world.  In the book, Dr. Rashidi tells one exciting story after another to his excited daughter, Assata-Garvey, who cannot seem to get enough! A delightful book that will both educate and entertain your child at the same time!

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Runoko Rashidi is the leading expert on the history of the diaspora of African people throughout the world. He has not only studied the work of other scholars but he has visited more than 115 countries and met the Black communities. He has given thousands of lectures on the subject. Up to now he has written for an adult readership but he has always tried to interest children in the way Africans have moved throughout the world—mostly by their free will but sometimes by force.

Now he has worked with the “Uncovering the African Past Research Group” to produce this book. The “Uncovering the African Past Research Group” has also compiled an excellent activities section for the book.

Here, Dr. Rashidi tells his daughter, Assata-Garvey, all about the African diaspora. The book is divided into sections on Asia, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands and the Americas. It is an opportunity for Dr. Rashidi’s many fans to introduce his work to their children. Join Assata-Garvey as she discovers the achievements of African people who have settled all over the world!

If you are in the U.S. and wish to order this book directly from Dr. Rashidi, simply pay to via PayPal or through his GoFundme campaign. Don’t forget your mailing address!


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