Book: The Black Image In Antiquity


An exciting new book from Runoko Rashidi!  The cost of the book is only $59.95, which includes mailing charges in the United States. Allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

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This is an art/photo book of Dr. Rashidi’s collection from museums around the world. It is 200 of his best photos, all full color and all on high quality paper. If you like his photos you are going to love this. Naturally there are a lot of photos from the Nile Valley but also from other parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. And all before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

If you like pictures you are going to like this book and your children are going to like it too!

The cost for your autographed copy is $59.95 and this includes mailing charges in the US.

Pay via Paypal to or through Dr. Rashidi’s Go Fund Me page at



    • Greetings Kurt. Dr. Rashidi does not ship outside of the continental United States. However, you can purchase the book through Amazon or from publisher Books of Africa, Ltd. Thanks!

  1. This book sounds wonderful, just one question before I purchase. Is there a description or narrative that explains each photo? Or is tbis just a picture book?

  2. Thank you Brother for your love of self which is a refection of your people. I love your work, I love you brother for never giving up.

  3. the book ” the black image in antiquity’ wondering are the pictures in the book taking with peoples posing with images or just pics of historical images

    • i’ve asked question is the book “the black image in antiquity” are pics in the book taking with people posing with african images or just pics of images

      • Greetings Mr. Lewis. The photos in the book are museum artifacts. I hope this answers your question.

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