08-02-2021: From the Family of Runoko Rashidi

Family, it is with our most sincere and deepest regret that the family of Dr. Runoko Rashidi announced the sad news that he has transitioned into the ancestral realm on today, August 2nd, 2021. He was on tour in Kmt, doing what he loved most. He will be greatly missed. Please allow his family the time and privacy needed during this difficult moment. We will be posting more information and updating this website as it becomes available.

Bro. Yirser Ra Hotep
Bro. Vernon
Sis. Teresa Dobson
Sis. Althea Cooper




    • Dr. Runoko, Will be greatly missed…🙏🏽Deep condolences to the family.

  1. Rest in Power to the Supreme, Dr. Runoko Rashidi!!! It was an honor to have met you and you will be greatly missed. May the ancestors greet you within that ancient realm of infinite peace.

  2. R.I.P.
    Thank You for your work.
    It has helped understand this world
    I am a better Sun..

  3. I was fortunate enough to have seen of saying brother Runoko Rashidi lecture multiple times over the course of the last 25 years or so. His research on the African presence in the ancient world is immeasurable. And his scholarship will be missed. RIP my brother.

  4. Thank you for the light that you brought to the world, and to our lives. You taught us, pushed us and enlightened us and we will forever be grateful. The world is truly dim without your brilliance and your scholarship. Rest well Dr, you went above and beyond. 🙏🏾

  5. Une grande tristesse…
    Apprendre son retour à 3h du matin…
    Mon grand frère !!!
    Merci pour l’amour et la conscience partagée lors de nos manifestations culturelles dans les années 2000…
    Runoko, un ancien, un grand frère qui nous a apporté tant de générosité.
    Merci pour cette lumière qui a grandit en moi et j’espère poursuivre votre travail dignement avec les armes qui sont miennes…
    Rest in Power
    Dr Runoko Rashidi

    Dawuud Kamun de CN

    We have lost one good historian and teacher, excellent orator as well as one good human being. I pray Almighty God to give enough strength to his family members to overcome this situation. May his soul Rest In Peace. A great loss to many of us. A great human being and fabulous teacher, will be miss you forever dearest BABA🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏REST IN POWER 🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏

  7. Rest in Power, Peace, and Paradise Baba Dr. Runoko Rashidi. Salutations, appreciation, love, peace, and blessing upon your soul. Condolences to the family and all that you taught and touched.

    • Hermano mío Runoko Rashidi espérame por el camino que lleva a la morada eterna de los antepasados nuestros.Acuerdate de mi hermano cuando llegas al reino de nuestros antepasados . Guardaré para siempre nuestras fotos y los testimonios de nuestras vivencias paz hermano y vuelan abrazos

  8. I spoke to you in kmet , Cairo Egypt on aug.2nd,from El Paso tx, about coming to El Paso tx to lecture,I rev.johnson, johnny,m.d., panafrican,I told you I loved your work, condolences to the family,you were my hero

  9. I am so saddened to hear of the passing of this great and intellectual man. With every post he did on Facebook, I was mesmerized and learned so much from his brilliance. My aunt and I took his Facebook class on Egypt about 2 years. I still have the screenshots today which serve as my reference tool. We love you, Brother Runoko. I know the ancestors have welcomed you proudly 🙌🏾.

  10. Dr Rashidi, it was an honour and privilege to have known you, talk with you and learn from you. You inspired a lot of people through the great body of work that you have done over the years and left a great legacy. Your last webinar on Pan-Africanism was your swan song and I will always remember the passion with which you urged us to continue the work. Thank you. Rest with the ancestors, Rest in Peace.

  11. I am lost for words on the transition of Baba Runoko Rashidi as indeed a library has been taken from us; however, his monumental body of works will provide the blueprints for generations to come of what still needs to be done and hidden treasures to be brought to light. I am humbled that I had the pleasure and deeply rooted spiritual thirst for his teachings more than ever during this first months of 2021 so was blessed to be in attendance for some of his recent webinars starting back on February 6th where he was hosted by Appeal – Kicking off Afrikan History Month, followed in March where he was hosted by Bro. Paul Coates of Black Classic Press, followed by his blacknificent presentations ‘Afrikan Star Over Europe’, Global Afrikan Presence, and Afrikan History & The Vision of Pan-Afrikanism.

    Safe travel Baba Runoko, you have blacktastically ran your race, now the Ancestors gone before make preparation for your welcoming home celebration. Asante Sana so so very much for the gift left for those still beautiful unborn ones coming. Do take our greetings to Drs. Clarke, Ben, Ivan, Amos, Frances, Chancellor, Bobby E. Wright, Hilliard, Carruthers, King, McIntyre, Sizemore, Sankara, Machel, Biko, Tosh, Lumumba, Dedan, to name a few as you have now joined that are so sorely missed and needed.

  12. You gave us so much, you helped to heal much sickness in our psyche. Thank you. Thamk you. THANK YOU.

  13. Dr. Rashidi. You followed in the footsteps of JA Rogers, and Dr. Van Sertima. We were blessed by your presence and contributions. We await our mission to advance your works. Hotep.

  14. Rest in peace brother Runoko.
    I was devastated to hear this news. It is a great loss to hear of your passing.
    I was privileged to meet you in the UK back in 2013 where you signed a book for me.
    You will be missed and your work is greatly appreciated.
    Peace and Love

  15. Thank you for sharing documents/pictures of our global African presence. We appreciate your tireless work! Rest In Power

  16. My heart is very heavy since I received this news. I loved him, we have special songs, and jokes between us. I’ll miss him asking me what are you cooking today, or when are you making my coconut cake lol I’ll treasure our times together, the Musem Tours, and sharing our love of Jazz. To his beloved Daughter, your dad was so proud of you, always telling me what an excellent student you are, and how you were growing up so fast. You were the light of his life. To his dear sister, he laughed at being at the last minute and how you took care of so much for him, that he couldn’t do what he loved if it were not for you. Sending love and healing to his family. Our birthday are forever changed, I’ll miss him terribly.

  17. Saddened to hear you crossed over. The Ancestors are applauding and insisting you take a well deserved bow as they greet you with the utmost warmth and love. I hear their voices, “you did good ; job well done…”Leo that you are…their accolades are music to your soul. Rest well; in peace, power, and certainly love. I had the privilege to spend quality time with you years ago. I shall never forget your guarded openness nor your sincere offer to assist me in entering the lecture arena. I was too shy to stand before a crowd. Heartfelt condolences to the family. Runoko was/is deeply loved and appreciated.🙏🏾

  18. Dr Runoko Rashidi…gone to rest with our ancestors for whom you worked selflessly to enlighten us all, to what some don’t want us to know…you earned your place in the midst of greatness…THANK YOU SIR.

  19. Words can never express our immense gratitude to Baba Runoko for sharing your genius and using it to reveal the African Global Presence. You are a Legend who has become an Ancestor. Fly High 👑🖤✊🏿🕊️🙌🏿

  20. Thank you for all those years of excellence! Dr. Rashidi, you were truly a giant and will be greatly missed. An ancestor now… we know you are us, with us, guiding still, and we’ll be listening, reading, studying, and showing ourselves approved. (RIP) Rise In Peace King.

  21. RIP from a listener of one talk show he appeared on. His freedom is what all of us who remain alive fight for and die for,. not only ourselves but for those we leave behind I learned a little of African history to go along with what I learned in the past and am thankful for his information and knowledge he gave me.

  22. My deepest condolences.
    I had the privilege to spend time with Dr Runoko and fellow brothers and sisters on his tour when he came to Australia two decades ago and we stayed in touch from time to time. I’ve never seen anyone love their people so much. What an enormous loss, but a huge gain for the ancestor realm. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our people brother Runoko.

  23. I was lucky to have known Runoko, and to have met him and see his work on a couple of occasions over the past few decades. I had always hoped we might meet again one day. Deepest sympathies to his families and friends, his knowledge, insight, wisdom and enthusiasm will be greatly missed.

  24. This KING gave us soo much and we’ll be truly missed. I dreamed of 1 day going on 1 of his tours to Afrika with my sons. That time has now come to pass. Thank you BABA Runoko for all you sacrificed for us. Be blessed and rest with the other ancestors. It was so Divine that you passed in Egypt where other Kings are buried. You are so missed. Love!!!!

  25. I believe that The Ancestors are well pleased with you, Baba; and welcome you with great joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and knowledge!!!

  26. Hermano mío Runoko Rashidi espérame por el camino que lleva a la morada eterna de los antepasados nuestros.Acuerdate de mi hermano cuando llegas al reino de nuestros antepasados . Guardaré para siempre nuestras fotos y los testimonios de nuestras vivencias paz hermano y vuelan abrazos

  27. I submit to the Lord of all creation the moments and events in time that surpass my understanding. My condolences to the family of our Brother, Dr. Runoko -immediate and in the diaspora – for we truly lost a Giant of the African community. I first met Bro. Runoko on a tour to Kmt with Dr. Ben in July, 1993. We were a group of approximately 30 people from many states across America and we spent 14 life-changing days visiting the History of our Heritage and Ancestry. It was such a privilege to sit under the tutelage of both Dr. Ben and Bro. Runoko as we walked through the foundations of life we gave to all the world and brought our days to a close. As hard as this is, I do not believe it a coincident that Runoko was allowed to transition into eternity while in the Motherland. Like most, I feel he is gone too soon, but I believe he met the Ancestors with that engaging smile on his face as they welcomed him and said, WELL DONE! Let us honor him by continuing to learn and pass on the legacy he has left us. REST IN POWER BRO. RUNOKO. Peace and Wisdom to ALL!

  28. Dr Runoko Rashidi was a great scholar and had the upmost respect for African people. Please don’t forget this and it would behoove us to continue this respect toward one another. He gave do much of himself to teaching /researching and scholarship.
    I for one miss him and his great work. May he rest in power and on the wings of RA!

    Now I don’t know what his family has in store for his legacy. I do know this – his great works of travel and research needs to be on display for the world to see,! There needs to be an African Cultural Center / Museum with his name on it..

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