A Poem on Kerala Dalit Panthers (KDP)

Kerala Dalit Panthers.

The panther brothers are coming,
Step aside,
Let their reign begin.

The panther brothers
Marching shoulder to shoulder
Like alphabets of the same vernacular
Bound together with no vices.

The panther brothers are coming
Like a sun sliding off the eclipse
New rays on the dark recesses of history-
Sprouting of a mustache in barren lands.

The panther brothers are coming
They are one people: one language; one history; one culture.

The raised fist
Like the arms of a clock at noon
Turn the wheel of time—
The flag-hoist of the blue flag.

The panther brothers are coming
Stomping their feet
Like an earthquake from beneath
The voice of the silenced roots.

The panther brothers are coming
The veins under their black skin
Long like the river Nile
Ancient like the river Indus
The same veins of the Broken Padmasana.


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