14 June 2016

Family, today I accomplished something remarkable and perhaps unprecedented for an African scholar.  I found my Olmec head!  Here I am in San Lorenzo, near the little town of Tenochtitlan, Vera Cruz, Mexico.  It was not cheap to get there, finding it was not easy and it took a long time, but mission accomplished!  There are twenty known Olmec heads–seventeen of them are clear and distinct–and three more are bruised and battered–but as of today I have seen and photographed all of them.  And this was the last one.  It is a real accomplishment. All praises due Ivan Van Sertima and all of those pioneering scholars who paved the way.  And for those who supported me and helped on the quest I cannot thank you enough.  God bless you!  I am eternally grateful.  Ase!

In July 2017 I am going to lead an Olmec tour to Mexico.  We will see every Olmec head and every major Olmec artifact in Mexico, on one tour.  Get your money together!

In love of Africa,

Runoko Rashidi



  1. Hi Runoko, I would like to inquire will the tour also cover the Pyramids of Mexico. As a group of friends and would also like to tour the Pyramids and tomb of this great civilization

    K. Sarkodie

    • Greetings K. Sarkodie. This is Teresa, one of the site admins. I checked with Dr. Rashidi; he says the tour is still being developed and it may be another month or so before the itinerary is finalized. Please know that once it is, it will be posted to this site. So continue to check back. Thanks!

      • Much appreciated Teresa, my friends and I would really.. appreciate it if in the itinerary a Tour of the Olmec Pyramids in Mexico & Tombs could be included.Thanks.

  2. Let me ask,why do black scholars always say ” slavery” instead of genocide or holocaust which I still going on? Also why do you feel our people have a lack of self interest in self knowledge? It seems we love Europeans and want to be with them more than any other group in the world! I always say slavery was divide and destroy!

  3. Also what’s with the rise in race mixing among blacks? Genocide still right? Not love.Its so broadcasted the world over! Which causes confusion

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