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  1. Good day Mr Runoko Rashid
    i am writing to ask were i can find your articles titled the African presence in Sumer and Elam form the journal of african civilisations dated1982 and African Goddeses , Mother of civilisations in 1983 the nile valley presence in asian antiquity in 1984 , Ancient and modern Britons in 1986 , Dr Diop on Asia highlights and insights in 1986 (noted and reviewed in presence africaine 2nd qtr 1987 and Ramese the Great : the life and times of a bold black Egyptian king 1988 and Men out of Asia : the Black presence in prehistoric America in 1987 i would love it if you could please email me these articles or tell me were i can get them . i have looked online and in amazon and i could not find them . i please need your help in finding these articles before they are lost for ever to me Thank you

    • Have u visited the Oriental museum in Chicago…don’t be fooled by this deceptive title. Ancient manuscripts upstairs.

    • Am Abad Raheem Batan I’m wastAfrica also like you in part of knowledge of knowing about civilizations in all black nations bofo Africa that my own Bio and rilegious and addressing rilegion for younger people’s all over the world for good knowledgeable and good living with righteousness for onw self’able as a person…….. As salaamu Alaykum and happy Ramadan Mubarak
      Dr Runoko Rashidi 👍🏿

  2. Hotep Dr. Runoko my name is rashad moore i live in jacksonville fl i am 28 yrs young and began my journey 3 yrs ago i now am ready to help wake my sleeping city i would love to book you to speak to me and my peers if you could let me know the details of gaining your much needed service. Peace and thank you.

  3. I would like for you to bring your message to Indiana. I think my church might entertain you coming, and I think that the wider community would be interested. I especially wonder personally how much the presence of Africa in the Americas coupled with the presence of native americans might clarify the existence people referred to as “mexicans”.

  4. Hi my name is Tseliso Nkuebe l live in Pietermarizburgh South Africa. I really cannot over emphasise how important it is for your message to get to the south.

  5. I’m enjoying your book!??

    I had the honor of meeting you after your lecture in Harlem on the 11th of this month. I would like to discuss documenting your tours, and creating a series of films on your work and travels. I also have a vision/plan for an international monument to be erected in mother Africa for the entire African diaspora.

    I sent you an email regarding the above. I hope to hear back from one day.


  6. While developing notes for a Protestant Reformation teaching/discussion group about a positive idea (i.e., thinking for yourself), I discovered through your book that in addition of presence of Moors in area known today as Spain, black people of African descent served in the Elizabethan court. I am pleased with your book, Dr. Runoko Rashidi.

  7. Hotep
    I left you a message guess you’re traveling hope all is well looking forward to bringing you back to Vegas February 21-24 2018 to speak at the fifth annual kemit in the desert series

  8. Like to know the possibility to study with you online from Australia

  9. My name is Philip in Uganda, East Africa.
    I would like procedure to be part of the 2020 West Africa Trip.
    We are daily sharing in your work at Global African Presence and we want to extend this legacy. Thank you

  10. I would like information about bringing Dr. Rashidi to Fresno, CA in 2021.

  11. Greetings, Dr. Rashidi , I have recently started my ancestral journey, i need some directions on where, to look for more information of African history. I have watch youtube lecture of Dr. Clark, Prof. Small, Dr. Ben, etc I want to become a local lecturer of African history, in the Bahamas and one day invite you as a guest lecturer , regards Foster

  12. Greetings, Baba Runoko

    Am Brother Kwame, who was the one that I told you I was writing two books but unfortunately your publishers didn’t want to know, but anyway, you and the late Baba Ivan van Sertima inspire me about Africans that have migrated to other parts of the world, that I didn’t know about.

    Am so interested about Africans in India, China, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Fuji, Australia and the U.K. that you have made any sense at all, but I got to thank both the late Baba Ivan van Sertima and yourself. Also I do miss your website, I hope you can bring it back.

    I wish you well my elder

    Brother Kwame P Aboagye

  13. Peace and respect
    My name is Haatendi Mutaviri from Zimbabwe. I love to watch yr videos on you tube. Buying the books its a bit expensive but its worth it i know.

    I love you and i appreciate your work keep going…


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