Special Request From Dr. Rashidi: Althea Cooper GoFundMe

Greetings Family.  Dr. Rashidi is making a special request for someone very special to him.  Please read this:

“Our sister, my sister, Althea Cooper is a little down right now. Nobody works harder than Sister Althea and she never asks for anything in return. Right now she is having some health challenges and we would love to help her out. There is a Go Fund Me campaign in her honor and we would love for you to contribute. No amount is too big or too small.

For those that might not know Althea, she was an extremely important contributor to our children’s book Assata-Garvey and Me: A Global African Journey for Children. It is an excellent work!  So, please, if you can do it, help a sista out!

~Runoko Rashidi~


The fundraiser link is below, and we’ll keep it posted in the right margin of this website for as long as she desires it.  Thank you Family, for coming together at this time.

(click below)



  1. Dr. Rashidi,
    I woiuld like to listen to yourself as a prime authority on your subject but when it comes to payment. PayPal are blocking me. My suspicion is they want me to join them. This I’m not prepared to do.
    My suggestion round this was a possible bank transfer. This was made some weeks ago.but there was no reply from your end as to whether was a a viable suggestion.
    Is it?

  2. Sister Althea, wishing you a speedy recovery. On behalf of the late great Dr. Runoko’s request, it is important that we take care of family. We love you and are here for you.

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