Help Honor the Legacy of Runoko Rashidi

The Family of Runoko Rashidi wishes to thank everyone who has expressed great love and loss for our Brother, and the numerous worldwide tributes in his honor. They are truly humbled to know that he was so well loved and appreciated, and will be continuing his legacy. The flyer below provides various methods you can contribute financially to keep his legacy going. More information will be forthcoming.  Thank you!




  1. May God rest his soul in heaven. He has now passed the responsibility to other scholars to continue the work. Also wondering How and where can we purchase his books.

  2. Rest in power King. Runuko you taught me a lot of what I know, I’m still learning and I’m thankful I got to you know from a distance, Thank you Uncle

  3. Runoko Rashidi is and will always be an illustrious stalwart, not only to the worldwide African community but to the world community in general.
    He has now taken his place amongst the most unique and magnificent personages that the world has ever know.
    It was him and him alone who started me on my journey of self discovery, growth in true knowledge, and critical thinking.
    It because of him that my mental liberation began in so many ways, so many years ago.
    I thank him so much with all of my heart.
    He was in a sense a father to so many of us. I was fortunate enough to meet him and to speak with him over the phone on a few occasions, to attend his live discourses, and presentations, to buy his video information and books directly from him, and to experience his genuine kindness in giving of his information even if I didn’t have enough money to pay for it at the time.
    To hear of his passing has caused tears and a lot of pain.
    He will be sorely missed, this one of a kind man who went to unprecedented lengths to lift the people he loved so much out of mental darkness and self hate, to mental liberation, self love, to love each other and the world at large, to think critically, he elevated our minds to the mental illumination that we so needed with all his travels, documentation, books, documentaries, films, live presentations etc..
    No one, and I mean no one has done what this brother has done for us through his unceasing labor, and love for healing the minds of black people first, and the world. I cannot give him all the accolades he deserves in this small space, but he touched the lives of so many of us in such profound ways, I’m sure that those accolades will continue to increase by others who know exactly what I’m talking about.
    Rest in peace king Runoko Rashidi,
    Love always, and always!
    May God Almighty keep you in memory 😢

    • I met Baba Runoko Rashidi in 21 September 2010 in Abuja at the International Conference on Global African and Pan-Africanism. I invited him to join our pioneer board of Trustees.

      Baba Runoko’s passion for Africa and for researching our purloined heritage was unparalleled.

      He was one of a kind.

  4. Happy born day Baba! You are truly missed Black King. Your work lives on and continues to inspire and motivate us. Massive love and respect.
    Condolences to the family and loved ones!

  5. He was our leader, my mentor. I looked forward to
    Helping him make his journey to Sierra Leone, as he wished. We heartbroken and
    He will be sorely missed forever.

  6. It was a pleasure to have gone on one of his Museum Tours in Baltimore, at the Walters Art Museum, and attend one of his lectures…I thought that he was Brilliant …I am Truly Grateful to have met
    such a Knowledgeable Sage…

  7. Brother Runoko not only encouraged us to uplift and work for our people, he constantly did it himself, and in such a distinct, humble, dedicated and powerful way. Having been introduced to the Brother by the UNIA-ACL here in DC, i am lifted by having been to some of his presentations, many of his online accounts and to have been in comm with him several times. Just 2 days before he last left for Egypt he patiently took the time to give a final review to the feature article about him which is included in the 2022 BLACK SEEDS Black Historical & Educational Calendar. As he told us and showed us, “Black love is perhaps the greatest form of resistance to global white supremacy.” Check out our history, learn and grow, love yourself, be thinkers AND do-ers! Really want to show appreciation for him and his monumental works, then DO!! Thanks, Love, Respect to Runoko and family.

  8. I have been saving to journey to the mother land with him. 2022 was gonna be my year. I am so sad to hear of his passing. Thank you Baba for all you have done to uplift the culture. You will be missed 🙏🏾

  9. Wowwwwwww, I just found out about him on YouTube tonight while scrolling and became Highly intrigued i am so sorry to hear he just pass. God bless him and his family

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