21 August 2016

Family, I found the Black Madonna of Toulouse. She is officially La Vierge Noire, Notre Dame de la Daurade. It took some doing to find it. At first I went to the wrong church. But after some investigation and some walking I tracked it down. It is a mystical, magical, miraculous image. I stared at it for a long time, took a lot of pictures and really did not want to leave the basilica. This is a photo of it. It is beautiful piece, although not the original. The original was about a thousand years ago. It was replaced by another about five-hundred years ago. That one was destroyed during the French Revolution. This is the one that we have today. I have found fourteen of these now in Europe–in France, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic. And, with this discovery, it is mission accomplished for me in Toulouse.

Last week for the second time I found and photographed La Moreneta–the Black Madonna at Montserrat, Spain. She is the most venerated icon in the Catalunya region in Spain.

Thank you Ancestors! Tomorrow it is on to Portugal. Ase!

In love of Africa,

Runoko Rashidi



  1. The images in Europe are not the same as Dengel Mariam of Ethiopia. They are in fact supposed to be Mary Magdalene and her Son, who’s father is Jesus Christ. These are the legends that were prevalent from early Ad to 6-8th century Europe, that Royalty of the region claim their descent, in the bloodline. Read the history of the Merovingians.

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  2. Thank you for all that you have shared with us, I hope one day to meet you the next time your in California!! ….peace blessings and love!

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