Family, my new calendar is out!!! It is called the Queens of the Nile 2019 with Runoko Rashidi, and it is excellent!!! I love it!!! It has fifteen original full-color photos of some of the most important women in African and world history. And each photograph is accompanied by a 275 word biography. The photos are placed in chronological order and each photo is by Runoko Rashidi in one of the great museums of the world. The paper is thick, high-quality and glossy–resistant to finger prints. You can hang it up, use it as reference or just admire the photos. There is an introductory essay on Black women in the Nile Valley by Runoko Rashidi and the birthdates of 75 important Black women in history, from Assata Shakur to Harriet Tubman to Winnie Mandela to Queen Charlotte Sophia. Included are quotes by and about Black women, from Sojourner Truth to Frances Welsing, M.D. It is a powerful piece of work. I am proud of it and so will you be too. You need to have one, for in uplifting the Black woman we uplift the entire community The cost is only $12.95, plus $6.95 shipping and handling in the United Stares. The total is $19.90. If you order more than one you only pay the mailing charge of $6.95 once. Pay via Paypal to Runoko@hotmail.com or through my new Go Fund Me page,  https://www.gofundme.com/we-support-dr-rashidi.

Should you choose to pay via my GoFundMe page (this is very important), PLEASE leave your mailing or shipping address as a comment for your GoFundMe donation, otherwise I will NOT know where to send the calendar. Also indicate “calendar” otherwise I can’t be sure if  it’s a regular donation or for the calendar.  Your personal information will NOT show up on the public side on the GoFundMe page, it is only viewable to the administrator, who will provide the address details to me.

Get your Queens of the Nile 2019 calendar with Runoko Rashidi today!!!



    • Hello Boubacar Fofana. If you want a calendar sent to Canada, please contact Dr. Rashidi so he can make arrangements. His contact information is:
      P O BOX 47479
      LOS ANGELES, CA 90047
      PHONE: (323) 920-6055
      EMAIL: Runoko@hotmail.com

  1. Do you still have calendars left? Can I add the equivalent of £10.50 in US dollars to pay for postage to the UK? If this is not sufficient could you prompt me to make a further donation?

    • Greetings Erica McInnis. I would suggest coordinating with a friend in the US with the purchase of your calendar. The friend can purchase the calendar and have it sent to their US address. Then you and your friend can arrange to have the calendar sent to you in UK. Hopefully this is helpful.

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