2 June 2017

Greetings Family,

Last night in Washington, DC I gave a presentation at the Davis Center.  Weeknights are not necessarily the best times to give lectures.  And last night was the first game of the much hyped NBA championships!  But the legends came out–to me far more important than basketball players!

In these two photos are the great Pan-Africanists Melvin Foote and Senghor Baye-El.  In the other photo I am with none other than Ms. Gail Hansberry–daughter of one of our greatest pioneering scholars–Professor William Leo Hansberry.   I thought that I was dancing on the clouds!

I must be on a roll.  My public lecture in Windhoek, Namibia two weeks ago was attended by two former prime ministers of Namibia and the Honorary Consul of Jamaica.  In a panel discussion after the lecture they all praised my work!

Go Runoko!  Do it brother!  These are moments that you look back on with great pride.  They validate all of the sacrifices you make!

In love of Africa,

Runoko Rashidi


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