The Journey Of The Originals

This video was compiled by our dear brother, Danny Michaels, in honor of Dr. Rashidi’s and his years of tireless work documenting the Global African Presence.  Thank you Brother Danny, and thank you Dr. Rashidi!  Learn and enjoy!




  1. Noted US-based historian Dr Runoko Rashidi returns to the UK on a one week tour – January h-h 2020. Author and editor of twenty books including his latest release ‘Black and Beautiful in The Ancient World’ – an art catalogue of forty of his most prized photographs of black presence before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. In addition, he has produced and will bring his 2020 Calendars entitled ‘Black Man of the Nile: Kings of KMT and Kush’ and a new scroll featuring original images of twenty of the colossal Africoid Olmecs heads of Mexico. Dr Rashidi will also lead group tours through the British Museum on the mornings of h-h January 2020. Andrew Muhammad will speak on ‘The Science of the third eye – African Kemetic mythology in the movies world’

  2. With all due RESPECT please excuse the error i made in the mispelling of your name. Dr Runoko Rashidi. Thany You

  3. What an awesome job you did of putting together a sampling of Baba’s work. Thank you so very much. Is it for sale?

    • Thank You.. I appreciate that. And, no, the video isn’t for sale – but can be viewed on YouTube at any time.

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