AFRICAN STAR OVER ASIA: The Black Presence in the East


400 pages, with more than seventy stunning photographs.

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AFRICAN STAR OVER ASIA: The Black Presence in the East

Dr. Rashidi’s newest book, African Star Over Asia: The Black Presence in the East, has finally arrived.  It is the most comprehensive single book ever produced.  It is 400 pages, with more than seventy stunning photographs.  It includes much of Runoko’s revised essays on Asia and much work never before published.  It also includes brief essays by Wesley Muhammad on the African Presence in Arabia, Thabiti Ausukile on J.A. Rogers, Hamara Holt on the Black Presence in the Philippines, Horen Tudu on Pan-Africanism in South Asia and Paco Taylor on the Black Presence in the East, and the best of Runoko Rashidi.

The book is $45.00, which includes shipping charges in the United States.  The quickest and easiest way to purchase is through Paypal to or send a check/money order to: Rashidi, Box 47479, Los Angeles, CA 90047.




  1. Hotep my brother great work I must read your work and invest in your knowledge thank you ‘ase’

  2. Dr. Runoko,
    I was on your site to purchase a copy of “AFRICAN STAR OVER ASIA: THE BLACK PRESENCE IN THE EAST,” but I could not find the checkout button/link.

    • Greetings Johnny Dunlap. You just missed a couple of steps. When you add the product to the cart, at the top of the order page you should immediately see an option where you can “View Cart.” Click on that link and it will take you to the cart, where you can check out from there. If you are doing this from your phone, the steps may look different. I’ve attached a link that shows how it looks when purchasing from a desktop Let me know if this helps. Thanks!

      View Cart and Proceed to checkout

  3. You’ve co-edited a book with Ivan Van Sertima titled “African Presence in Early Asia” several years ago. Is that book available for purchase as well?

    • Greetings Sinethemba. For this type of special request, please contact Dr. Rashidi directly at the following:

      P O BOX 47479
      LOS ANGELES, CA 90047

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