7 September 2016

Greetings Family,

How are you?  I am Burlington, Vermont.  Tomorrow I have a lecture at St. Michael’s College.  It is really my first time in Vermont.  A few years ago I lectured at Dartmouth College in nearby New Hampshire and crossed over into Vermont just to see a few maple trees and say that I was here.  But now, in late Summer, I am able to see this lovely state.  It is very laid back here and very white!  But the people seem friendly enough and that works for me.

Today I visited the Robert Hill Fleming Museum on the campus of the University of Vermont.  It is not a big museum but they have some good pieces.  Brother Bruce Barnes from Pittsburgh a couple of years ago sent me a list compiled by Wikipedia of the major collections of Egyptian artifacts in the museums of the world.  Of the forty-six major museums listed I have now been to forty-two.  Two the museums that I have not visited are in Glascow, Scotland and the other two are in Eastern Germany–an area that I have been very reluctant to visit because of the racist history there.  But those two museums in Scotland I intend to visit in January 2017.  Beyond that, my next museum visit, in three days will be a return to the Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy.  It will my second visit there.  The Museo Egizio is regarded as the largest or certainly one of the largest Egyptian collections outside of Egypt itself.  After that I spend a month in Paris and will photograph the African and Africoid collections in all of the museums there.  So I have a lot to look forward to.

As for now, I am having the time of my life and performing a very important mission.  Here is one of the artifacts I photographed today.  It is a shawapti statue of the Viceroy of Kush during the reign of Thutmose III, about 3475 years ago.

And don’t forget that in December 2017 I will lead a group to Kmt and Kush (Egypt and Sudan).  The details should be available on my web site within days.  Don’t miss it!  Oh yes, if you are moved to do so please don’t hesitate to make a donation for the work!  Just send to via Paypal.  It will greatly appreciated!

In love of Africa,

Runoko Rashidi


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